Speaker Celebration Summit

Event Name: Indie Film Summit
Event Starts: June 4 2024
Event Cost: Paid

Calling all aspiring and experienced speakers!

The SpeakerTunity Speaker Celebration Summit is your chance to learn from the best and take your speaking career to the next level.

Summit Highlights

Join us for four days of incredible value, featuring:

  • 48 World-Class Leaders: Gain invaluable insights from legendary speakers like Sam Horn, Suzanne Evans, Marie Diamond, and many more!
  • Expertise Across All Platforms: Whether you’re looking to conquer podcasts, virtual summits, meetings, conferences, associations, corporations, or even TEDx, this summit has you covered.
  • Four Days of Focused Learning: Each day delves into a specific area of speaker development:
    • Day 1: Captivating, Compelling, and Enrolling from the Stage: Master the art of delivering captivating presentations that engage your audience and drive results.
    • Day 2: Finding and Securing Your Ideal Stages: Learn how to identify and land speaking opportunities that perfectly align with your message and target audience.
    • Day 3: Building Your Speaker Business: Discover effective strategies to build a thriving speaking business, from crafting a compelling bio to negotiating fees and managing logistics.
    • Day 4: Spreading Your Message Off the Platform: Extend the reach and impact of your message beyond the stage. Learn how to leverage social media, content marketing, and other channels to amplify your voice.
  • 18 New Presenters Added: Building on the success of last year’s SpeakerFest, the summit welcomes a fresh wave of renowned speakers.

Meet Your Host: Jackie Lapin

Jackie Lapin, the founder of SpeakerTunity®, is passionate about helping leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches, and authors amplify their voices and reach wider audiences. Her company offers a wealth of resources, including:

This is your opportunity to:

  • Learn proven strategies from the industry’s top speakers.
  • Discover strategies for securing speaking engagements across diverse platforms.
  • Develop the skills and knowledge to build a thriving speaker business.
  • Network with fellow speakers and industry professionals.

Don’t miss out on this transformative event! Register for the SpeakerTunity Speaker Celebration Summit today!




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